Redecorating During COVID-19

Redecorating During COVID-19

How are you doing? Even for very fortunate people, these are trying times. Shelter in place means we have to balance working, childcare, feeding our families, etc. on our own and all within the confines of our homes.
To help cope with the stress, we wanted to lend our experience with home interiors to advise on making your living space more…well, livable! Below, some of our teammates offer up their suggestions for some small changes with big impact:

  • Geary: “I moved some patio furniture around to create an outdoor space that we can use for work. Especially helpful a few days ago when it was sunny!”
  • Joseph: “Since you can’t really go to a hardware store for paint or DIY products I suggest rearranging your living room. My guess is most people have the furniture pointed at the TV. Try changing it up and using a window as a focal point instead of the TV. At least in the short term. You can always put it back after the apocalypse. Or after you exhaust Netflix. Taking time to look at the sky or the trees is good for your mental well being at this point.”
  • Hank: “I have my office set up in the dining room as opposed to my bedroom to give myself separating from a “lounging” environment.  Also opened all the windows and keep the front door open to get fresh air circulating.”

We hope everyone is taking every precaution during this challenging time. Be sure to let us know if there’s anything we can do to help!

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