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Luxury Home Design Trends for 2023

Luxury Home Design Trends for 2023

Luxury interior design trends are changing and being updated year to year, with a focus on materials that are used in furniture and decor, fresh new paint colors, and themes such as retro, minimalism, and the use of curves and lines. There’s never a dull moment as designers churn out new looks that draw the attention of homeowners as well as luxury home buyers who are looking to purchase homes that have been updated with contemporary looks.

Not everyone can update the look of their home every year, but many luxury homeowners do like to keep up with the trends, especially if they plan to list their residences for sale soon. Not only will they enjoy those luxury design upgrades, but they will also add to the value of their homes and be an attractive selling point. Many home buyers prefer to purchase a home that has design updates rather than having to have the work done after they’ve moved in. Below are several of the top design trends for 2023.

1. Curvy furniture

A great place to start with new design trends is how you furnish your home. Whether it’s a few new pieces or entire sets, few trends re-energize a home like updated furniture. The hot new trend in furniture is the addition of curves, whether they’re on chairs, tables, or sofas. Americans love nostalgia, and the curved look is a tip of the cap to the fond memories baby boomers have of the furniture they grew up with in the 1960s and 70s. Younger generations are also falling in love with the look of curves, whether they’re on the armrests of an oversized sofa or on attractive coffee tables and chairs. Curves help give rooms a warm, inviting look.

2. Modern statement lighting

Lighting helps set the tone in every room in the house. A quick and affordable way to update the look of your home is to replace dated light fixtures with new, bold fixtures in different looks and materials. Some fixtures are even made of sustainable materials, such as bamboo shades and recycled glass. In the kitchen, downlights and pendants remain a popular trend, and many come in artistic shapes that brighten the room in more ways than one. Chandeliers remain popular for dining rooms, with new-look designs for crystal chandeliers and even custom artistic designs. Track and recessed lighting can be used in living rooms to highlight architectural features and works of art.

3. Fresh color combinations

One of the fun aspects of luxury home design trends is checking out the new color combinations that interior design specialists come up with. Currently, designers suggest bold, dramatic hues for each room to give your home a vibrant feel. While some warm neutrals remain popular, design experts are recommending the use of pink accents that can go along with several other colors, as well as rooms painted in bold colors such as raspberry blush and ultramarine blue. Also, brown is back, ranging from beige to richer tones. Brown is considered an earth tone, and the right shade can bring a sense of coziness and warmth to a room. Pick colors that can flow from room to room for an attractive overall look.

4. Custom activity rooms

Whether you call it a game room, a man cave, or something else, a custom activity room will be a perfect place to have limitless family fun and entertain friends. Current design trends include well-appointed and luxurious rooms with high-quality materials, custom furniture, and the latest in games and electronics. The larger the room, the better, which is why basements and attic conversions work well. 

Decide how you and your family will use it and what activities they’ll enjoy the most. A built-in bar with a sink and refrigerator and a wall-mounted big-screen TV will make it the perfect place for watching all your favorite sports teams play with your family and friends. The TV can also be used for playing all the latest video games. A big room will allow for a pool table or ping-pong table.

5. Home gym

One of the most popular luxury real estate design trends is a home gym. The popularity of home gyms surged during the pandemic, and they remain a must-have for health-conscious San Francisco residents. Plus, it remains a great selling point. The most functional home gym is stocked with free weights or a weight machine, a stationary bike or treadmill, and open space for yoga and other exercises. A large window allowing plenty of natural light will help set a warm, positive tone for the room.  

6. Airy outdoor living rooms

Depending on the size of the lot, outdoor living rooms in San Francisco luxury homes can range from simple to extensive in contemporary styles. For homes with a fabulous view, a living room with sliding glass doors that open onto a redwood deck is a great way to connect to the outdoors. Other options include a full outdoor kitchen with a barbecue grill, oven, sink, and refrigerator and stylish furniture that includes a dining set, couch, and comfortable chairs. This option can also work with rooftop spaces that have a breathtaking view of the Bay Area’s landmarks. 

7. Eco-friendly features

Many luxury home buyers are seeking ways to be more environmentally responsible and to save some money on utility costs. Among the ways to do that are with solar panels on the roof to generate the electricity used to run the home’s appliances and systems, using LED bulbs in all light fixtures, and installing green roofs and walls that use vegetation in place of normal roofing materials to lower energy costs and absorb rainwater. It’s also a good idea to use sustainable materials such as stone and various kinds of wood for various parts of the home.

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These are the major luxury home design trends for 2023. When you’re ready to start viewing fashionable luxury homes in the Bay Area, contact Mosaik Real Estate agents for the best client services in the market.

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