8 Tips For Hiring A Remodeling Contractor

8 Tips For Hiring A Remodeling Contractor

Home remodeling can be an exciting yet daunting process. Whether you’re updating a kitchen, converting a basement, or adding an extension, the right contractor is critical to the success of the project. According to a report by Today’s Homeowner, the average return on investment for home remodeling is approximately 69%. However, achieving this return relies on selecting the right remodeling contractor.

Guidelines for Engaging a Home Remodeling Specialist

Know your project expectations before finding a contractor

Prior to beginning your big remodel, it's crucial to understand your own expectations and amount you’re willing to spend on the entire project. Are you prepared for the time and inconvenience a remodel will take? What if there are delays; is there room in your plan if the process takes longer than anticipated? Establish clear project terms to streamline the hiring process and feel confident about the initial payment and other potential expenses.

Obtain multiple quotes from different contractors

It's not an exact science, but getting free estimates from several contractors can save money. You will likely find trends in pricing in the estimate as a whole, and in the individual supplies and costs of labor. Always compare bids from local contractors, including general contractors and specialist remodeling contractors, before making an immediate decision. It’s important to keep in mind that while prices may vary, you may also get the level of skill you pay for.

Conduct thorough background checks and freely scrutinize a contractor's past work and work ethic

Background checks are essential when hiring a contractor for large projects. You can review references of past work from previous clients or even visit the current job site, and of course check online resources, like Yelp, for genuine reviews. You can see if they have claims filed against their license, or even contact the contractor's insurance company directly to ensure they're fully insured. While interviewing contractors, ask about their work habits, how many other projects they handle, and if they will use subcontractors. Understanding your contractor’s portfolio and work ethic can help avoid any potential horror stories.

Establish rules for the job location

Before any work begins, set boundaries for the job site. This process involves discussing where materials will be stored, work hours and lunch breaks, and access permissions with your remodeling contractor. You should also understand if there will be any variance in the work crew. Can you expect the contractor to be there anytime anyone is working or will they come and go? Getting this information written into the contract can save a lot of frustration down the road.

Understand what your payments will cover

Knowing what you'll pay upfront can prevent conflicts during the project. This should include a payment schedule detailing when each down payment and final payment are due and what these payments cover, such as labor and materials. Clearly outline what delays in the process will mean for you in terms of time and expense. There may be delays that are not the fault of yourself or your contractor – clarify all scenarios, in writing if possible.

Prepare for conflict resolution

Despite the best tips for hiring a contractor, disagreements may arise. It's important to have a strategy for resolving differences, including a third-party mediator or a lawyer review of the contract. Typically there will be steps of escalation, so be sure you understand what those are, and how quickly you can expect a resolution.

Remain mindful of contract particulars

The contractual agreement forms the heart of your engagement with a remodeling contractor. Being mindful of every detail within it is not just advisable but essential. From the project's completion date to the agreed-upon payment options, each element outlined in the contract bears significance.

The completion date, for instance, is not merely a rough estimate of when you can expect the work to be finished. It's a commitment from your contractor and should incorporate a reasonable timeline, considering potential delays due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather or materials availability.

The payment options outlined in your contract refer to the amount due and detail the specific stages at which payments are expected. This can be based on project milestones or be on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on what has been mutually agreed upon.

A description of the original project terms refers to a detailed account of what the contractor is expected to deliver. This should encompass everything from the materials used to the expected quality of work, from daily clean-up routines to how changes to the original plan will be managed.

In addition to these terms, the contract should also state that the contractor is responsible for obtaining all the necessary permits required for the project. This includes both building permits that adhere to local codes and any other specialized permits that might be needed. Ensuring all the required permissions are in place not only keeps you in compliance with local laws, but can also help prevent costly and time-consuming rework.

Taking it a step further, ask your contractor to provide a clause on handling potential overruns or modifications that might occur during the project. This will give you a clear idea of how any additional costs or changes will be handled and by whom.

Your contract serves as a written guarantee that your remodeling project will be completed according to mutually agreed-upon terms. Therefore, give it the attention it deserves. Don't hesitate to ask questions, seek clarifications, or request changes if something does not sit right with you. Remember, it's not just a document; it's a blueprint for the successful realization of your dream home remodeling project.

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