Tenancy in Common

Tenancy in common (TIC) is a versatile form of property ownership that provides individuals with a flexible and customizable framework for sharing ownership of real estate; specifically, a right to an exclusive unit in a TIC. Unlike joint tenancy, it allows co-owners to hold unequal ownership shares, accommodating varying financial contributions or investment objectives.

The independence afforded to each unit owner is a notable feature, as it enables them to freely transfer or sell their ownership interest without the need for unanimous consent from other co-owners. 

Tenancy in common offers a range of benefits, from increased financial flexibility to the potential for higher returns, making it an attractive option for buyers and sellers alike. The shared responsibilities among co-owners, including maintenance, taxes, and insurance, can ease the financial burden and create a collaborative approach to property management.

We have easy access to TIC inventory, rules, and regulations. Our team is well-equipped to educate our clients on the pros & cons of TIC ownership and connect them with valuable resources.

We work closely with Sirkin Law, APC, one of the premier firms in San Francisco and surrounding, providing legal counsel and drafting TIC documents

TIC transactions require specific lending practices. Our team can advise and connect you with qualified lenders prepared to work with you on these special purchases.


A TIC is an excellent opportunity for first-time home buyers. It is a great, typically more affordable, alternative to condos and single-family homes. You have exclusive rights to a unit. It can be a stepping stone to a condo conversion. You can buy into a TIC as an individual or as a group.

Yes! Each tenant in common has individual and transferable ownership rights. This means that one co-owner can sell, mortgage, or pass on their share without the consent of the other co-owners. This independence provides a level of financial freedom and control over one's investment.

If a buyer is purchasing into an existing TIC agreement, the buyer needs to read and approve the agreement. If there is no TIC agreement in place, the buyer(s) needs an attorney to write it up. Working with an experienced TIC agent at Mosaik Real Estate can help with this process or review an existing TIC agreement, or help you find an attorney to write up a new one.

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